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What We Do

Through the Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools you can make a tax-deductible contribution to the public schools for needed programs, projects, scholarships, etc.

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Classroom Grants
Want to know what teachers
additionally need in the classroom to engage and inspire students?

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Around 170 student scholarships are available for college, conferences, camps, etc.

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Support your favorite causes now and beyond your lifetime.

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International Baccalaureate Programme gets Stellar Reviews


International Baccalaureate Program
Gives Students a Great Education

In 2005, The International Baccalaureate Programme (IB) at
Li ncoln High School was established due to a generous gift
from Union Bank. The bank wanted to be a difference maker
for students and our community by investing in educational
opportunities. This generous and forward thinking gift
enabled LPS to develop the IB Programme and fund its
operation for several years. At the time of the donation, it
was the single largest corporate cash donation ever made to
the Foundation.
The IB Programme is the second in the state (next to Millard
North) and has flourished since its inception at LHS,
growing exponentially every year – the numbers have almost
tripled since the first class six years ago. Much thought was
put into creating a “Pre-IB” Programme to prepare students
for the rigors of the IB Programme, which officially begins
junior year.

If you ask the students, they love the interactive and
intellectually challenging nature of the classes “There is a
lot of homework, but it prepares us to be able to converse in
class”, says Becca Vanneman, a senior. “WEX or ‘World
Experience’ sophomore year was one of my favorite classes
because we learned how to see things through different
lenses by reading texts from all different perspectives.”

John Heineman, the IB Coordinator, has great praise for
students in the program “They learn to think globally, more
deeply, and are able to synthesize and analyze. They learn
to write really well , and to think critically. It sets them up for
that higher level thinking they need when they go to college.

Teachers are constantly updating their skills by participating
in IB training in the region. There are over 2600 IB
Programmes all over the world, and i t is known as the
standard for excel l ence i n education globally.

Union Bank CEO Angie Muhleisen talks about the initial
donation by explaining “Union Bank feels that education is a
community’s best investment in the future ….. Having an
International Baccalaureate Programme in our city tells
potential business owners – and families considering a
move to Lincoln – that we place a high value on education
and community, attracting high-quality companies and
employees……as well as giving Lincoln’s children the
opportunity to pursue their educational dreams.”

Covering the costs of college-level text books, teacher
training and other needed resources to make the IB
Programme successful is ongoing.

Donate at the Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools

to help this successful program continue to flourish.

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Russ’s Rewards


RussMarketRuss’s Community Rewards Program – December 17 – 24. 

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