What We Do

What We Do

Through the Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools you can make a tax-deductible contribution to the public schools for needed programs, projects, scholarships, etc.

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Classroom Grants
Want to know what teachers
additionally need in the classroom to engage and inspire students?

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Around 170 student scholarships are available for college, conferences, camps, etc.

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Legacy Gifts

Support your favorite causes now and beyond your lifetime.

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News & Events

“Inspiring Possibilities” LPS Staff Fund Drive

We wanted to take a moment to thank you for all you do for students. At the Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools, we are inspired by students every day, just like you are, and our goal is to give you the support you need to create fantastic educational opportunities for kids that enhance their academic and personal success. We want to inspire your work, and to help you create possibilities for students, but we need your help. We are excited to connect with educators all over the district as we begin our Staff Fund Drive “Inspiring Possibilities.”


Wrapping opportunities and services around a child from the time they enter Kindergarten until the time they leave high school is an important part of what we do, because we believe all students should have what they need to reach their full potential.


Making a difference in the lives of children is something you do every single day, and our nearly 400 funds that meet all sorts of student needs can help. Funds like “Andrews Angels”, which provides Autistic students ipads to increase learning, or the Brooke D. Roberts Student Empowerment Fund which will bring “Skate for Change’s” Mike Smith into Hawthorne and Elliot schools to teach kids leadership skills for the next 5 years. Our Student Emergency Funds help those students who are in great need at home – maybe their electricity has been turned off, or they don’t have access to proper clothing. And the Bubba’s Closet Fund provides hundreds of coats, mittens and hats to children who need them.


From giving students a chance to take a field trip to Prairieland Dairy, funding instruments for a high school music program or working with the district wide 4th grade Prairie Immersion Fund, we are making a difference. We have so many stories to share, celebrating the success that you have created in your classrooms and schools, with our funds and programs like Fund A Need. We want to help you do even more. Please consider making a gift to our  “Inspiring Possibilities.” Staff Fund Drive so we can not only continue our work, but create even more possibilities.




Inspire 2015 Awards celebrate great educators and students

The newly created Inspire Awards harken back to the tradition of the Gold Star Banquet, but with a modern twist. This brief and fun celebration  honors educators and students who make a positive difference in their school communities. The winners (one educator and one student) are nominated by their schools and receive recognition for who they are and who they strive to be.  See the 2015 winners here.

$23,000 Carsten’s Scholarship Applications open until April 20th

$23,000 Carstens Scholarship open to 4 eligible LPS Seniors


The Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools Announces a new scholarship opportunity. The Robert D. Carstens Scholarship Fund is currently seeking applications for four $23,000 college scholarships. Applicants need to be current LPS Seniors pursuing a degree in either Agriculture or Business.

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